Video Production

At Granary Digital, we understand that video is the future of communication, and we’re here to help local businesses in Chichester and West Sussex as well as the rest of the UK and a global market make the most of it As well as providing high end production facilities in West sussex we offer a full creative solution. End-to-end production with a project manager overseeing the whole process. 

In production we have a team of DOPs, camera operators, sound recordists, sparks, make-up artists. And in the post-production department we have a team of editors, animators, VFX artists, colourists, sound mixers… Whatever your project needs we’re here from conception to completion

Our Clients


Project Management

Our team of experienced professionals work to make the production process as seamless and stress-free as possible, so our clients can focus on what they do best. End-to-end services from conception to completion

Creative storytellers

Our team of scriptwriters are skilled in crafting compelling and engaging scripts that bring clients’ vision to life. They have a wealth of experience in various genres and mediums, from commercials and corporate videos to feature films and TV shows

Editing & VFX

The editing and VFX team are experts in bringing the final polished look to the video. They are adept at using the latest software and techniques to create visually stunning and high-quality final products that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Production crew

A combination of full time and freelance staff ensure you’re getting exactly what you need on site. As well as bringing their expert knowledge the team will also bring chocolate biscuits