In the wake of the global pandemic, companies have had to adapt to a new reality in which traditional in-person events are less feasible.

As a result, virtual events have become a vital tool for businesses looking to maintain connections and continue operations. With the widespread use of technology and internet access, virtual events have become a cost-effective and efficient alternative to in-person events.

They also provide a more inclusive and accessible experience for attendees, as they can participate from anywhere in the world.Virtual events have become a key component in the recovery process from the pandemic, as they allow companies to stay connected to their customers, partners, and employees in a safe and responsible way.

Additionally, virtual events eliminate the need for travel, accommodation, and other logistics costs, which can be a big advantage for companies looking to save on expenses and adapt to the new normal in the post-pandemic era.



This involves filming and editing content beforehand, which can then be played back during the virtual event. This is useful for ensuring a high-quality experience for attendees and for allowing presenters to rehearse and perfect their delivery.


This type of event combines live and virtual elements, and can include remote presenters who participate remotely via video conferencing technology. This allows for a more flexible and inclusive event, as attendees can participate from anywhere in the world.


Using our own studio facility you can film and broadcast live events to a global audience. This allows for a high-quality, professional experience for attendees and can include features such as multiple camera angles and live graphics while all presenters are together. A TV broadcast experience


An umbrella term for us communicating your message. Whether that’s through a video hosting platform like Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook live or a custom platform we’ve designed for you we’re able to assist


Every virtual platform we provide is custom built to meet the needs of your unique event. Taking into consideration your audience and utilising our 25 years of experience in the live events industry.

All our platforms are built upon Amazons AWS cloud computing platform offering the best in reliability and performance. With our in house development team ready to create new innovations, or build upon our every growing library of tools to bring engagement to your event.

Our Clients

vMix & remote studio

As well as our platform work we have become known as the go-to supplier of remote virtual event production services nationwide. 

Our remote setups travel in just a few flightcases and bring you broadcast quality productions in your workplace.



Challenge: Our client, a leading UK brand, was in need of a virtual events platform for their annual awards show that could handle a high volume of concurrent visitors and provide the infrastructure for video production, live voting, and live chatting. Additionally, the platform needed to be completely secure and provide full analytics.

Solution: Our team built a custom virtual events platform including a custom domain that was able to sustain 70,000 concurrent visitors. We provided the infrastructure for the video production, bringing in 150 live shortlisted award nominees with audio and video. The platform also featured live voting and live chatting functionality, making it easy for attendees to engage with the event in real-time.

We placed a strong emphasis on security, ensuring that the platform was completely secure and protected against any potential breaches. Additionally, we provided full analytics, giving our client the ability to track engagement and gather valuable insights from the event.

Result: The virtual awards show was a huge success, with 70,000 concurrent visitors able to engage with the event seamlessly. The live voting and live chatting functionality allowed attendees to feel more connected to the event, even though they were participating remotely. Our client was pleased with the level of security and the valuable insights provided by the analytics.

At Granary Digital, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality virtual events for our clients, and this project is a testament to our ability to do so.

BIBA Live platform 2021

When BIBA came to us looking for a virtual event platform to host their annual conference, they had a tall order: they needed a platform that could accommodate 30,000 attendees, provide live video in various plenary and breakout spaces, and a virtual exhibition hall. But they also wanted something more. They wanted a platform that could revolutionize the virtual event experience and provide valuable networking opportunities for attendees.

Our team rose to the challenge and delivered a custom virtual event platform that exceeded the client’s expectations.

First, we tackled the issue of engagement. We knew that a virtual event could never fully replace the energy and excitement of an in-person event. But, we also knew that with the right tools, we could create an immersive experience that would keep attendees engaged and connected to the event.

So, we built in a unique 1-1 video meeting system integrated into the site, complete with scheduling capabilities. This feature allowed attendees to set up valuable networking opportunities, just like they would at an in-person event. We also developed a unique scheduling system that enabled delegates to create their own conference schedule and receive push notifications to remind them when their next event was happening.

But we didn’t stop there. We also provided a robust analytics database that could record over 90,000 data points per second. This allowed event sponsors to gain valuable insights into the engagement levels and ROI of their investment.

The live video in various plenary and breakout spaces, as well as the virtual exhibition hall, provided a high-quality experience for attendees. The unique 1-1 video meeting system and scheduling feature provided valuable networking opportunities for attendees. Event sponsors were also pleased with the level of insights provided by the analytics database.

Thanks to our custom virtual event platform, Our client was able to deliver a revolutionary virtual event experience for their attendees and sponsors.

We are dedicated to delivering innovative and customized virtual event solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. This project is a testament to our ability to revolutionize the virtual event experience.

REACH Insights series

A children’s charity approached our team with the need for a virtual platform to host live video broadcasts every week. The audience for these broadcasts were children with upper limb differences, who were spending more time at home due to current global events. They needed a platform that would help them feel more connected.

Solution: We developed a custom virtual platform that was specifically designed for the charity’s weekly video series. The platform was easy to navigate and provided a secure space for children and families to watch the live video broadcasts and connect with each other.

One of the key features of our platform was the built-in chat and question-asking functionality, which allowed the audience to engage with the content and with each other in real-time. We also made sure that the platform was accessible to all.

Result: The virtual video series was a huge success, bringing joy and connection to children and families affected by difficult circumstances. The live broadcasts and the platform’s chat and question-asking functionality allowed them to feel more connected, even as they were living their lives at home.

Thanks to our custom virtual platform, this children’s charity was able to make a real difference in the lives of children and families during a challenging time.